Wildcats Keep a Steady Groove with the New Dance Team


The Wildcats have officially created a dance team! Thanks to Ms. Nunez and a few other correlators, the dance team has officially been revived.

The Wildcat Dance Team is a dance group that allows kids to express themselves through dance. Students can form bonds with their classmates while in a positive setting. Dancing entails more than merely moving your feet. Dance expresses inventiveness. It allows people to express themselves while also doing something good for their health. Nunez believes that scientifically “…dance generates endorphins, which are responsible for creating pleasant thoughts, therefore it is excellent not only for your physical health but also for your mental health.”

This year’s dance captains are Taylorrose Pascale, Marisa Sclafani, and Sofia Figurelli, who have all participated in dance inside and outside of school since they were very young. Pascale states, “Dancing is something I’ve always been able to use to express myself, so seeing I am the captain of this ship now, I can really help my peers express themselves as well!” 

The Wildcat Dance Team hopes to perform at various home basketball games for both girls and boys this upcoming season. They plan to also volunteer at nearby dance studios for young dancers and perform at the Becton Winter Pep Rally. This Friday, Nov. 18., the Dance Team will be running a Zumba Dance Fundraiser and hope to see many of you there for a groovin’ night!

Good luck to our Becton Wildcat Dance team this year!