The Wildcat Marching Band Plays at the Carlstadt Memorial Day Parade


Erol Yilmaz

The Wildcat Marching Band woke up bright and early to march through Carlstadt for the Memorial Day Parade!

Bright and early at 8 am on May 30th, the Wildcat Marching Band met at the Village Green, a 9/11 memorial park in Carlstadt, to begin their march through the town all the way to the cemetery in remembrance of the small borough’s fallen soldiers. With their stand tunes, drum cadences, and National Anthem ingrained into their brains, they entertained the cheering crowds gathered along the sidewalk. They impressed with new marching band director, Rebecca Cruz. 

They began to march at 9 am, and even though the sun’s rays burned onto their backs, they aimed their horns high and played their drums loud in honors of Memorial Day. Sophomore Kacie Lu really shined while playing Taps, a short chorale to commemorate the memory of those in the Armed Forces, during the the ceremony. The band closed the event proudly,  with the playing of the National Anthem at the cemetery.