Forensics Case SOLVED!

Mrs. De Santis paid Mrs. Marut to “take care of” Mrs. Settembrino.

Breaking News! We have arrested the culprits. Mrs. Mackanin’s forensic students have been working for almost a month on the case of the assault of Mrs. Settembrino. Even though this was not an actual assault, students still investigated the offense, interrogated each suspect, and examined evidence to solve the mystery. Around 7:30 a.m. on January 9, 2017, Mrs. Settembrino slipped on a substance and fell and hit her head on the podium in her room. With seven suspects including Mr. Settembrino, Mrs. Diakos, Mrs. Marut, Mr. Caputo, Mrs. De Santis, Ms. Vaccaro, and Mrs. Savincki, students have solved the case proving Mrs. Marut and Mrs. De Santis are the ones to blame. 

Here’s how it all went down: 

Ms. Vaccaro heard Mr. and Mrs. Settembrino arguing the day before about him texting Mrs. De Santis. Mrs. De Santis had a little crush on Mr. Sett and wanted to get Mrs. Sett out of the picture. Mr. Caputo then saw her handing money to Mrs. Marut earlier that morning for her to commit the assault. Mrs. Marut greedily took the money and decided to pour vegetable oil on the floor right inside of Mrs. Settembrino’s door so she could slip and fall, which was proven by students by matching her hair to the one at the scene of the crime. Mrs. Marut was then seen running down the hallway by Mrs. Savincki and Mrs. Diakos as she was trying to quickly remove herself from the scene of the crime. Mrs. Settembrino walked into her classroom, slipped, hit her head on the podium, and collapsed. She was found on the floor unconscious by Mr. Caputo, and he immediately walked back out of the room. Dr. Sforza made the arrest on February 13, 2017 and handcuffed Mrs. De Santis and Mrs. Marut for committing the crime.

Great job to all the students and teachers who participated in this amazing project!