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Forensics & Criminal Justice classes combine to perform CSI investigation, mock trial

A mock trial was organized on June 4 after the conclusion of the CSI investigation.

Aminah Iqbal and Noelia Moore

June 10, 2019

The Becton Regional High School’s forensics class launched their annual school-wide CSI investigation, which required collecting data to solve this year’s case of a staff member who vandalized another school employee’s vehicle. At the conclusion of the three-month forensics investigations, w...

BectoBot Valenzuela reflects on their increasing success

The BectoBots debut their robot at the January 6 competition held at Emerson High School.

Jenny Marcinkowski, Staff Writer

January 20, 2019

Becton Regional High School’s Robotics Team is gaining significant momentum since its inception five years ago. Awards include earning the title of ‘Most Creatively Designed Robot’ at the group’s first competition this school year and placing in the top four out of 30 schools at the Robo-Wran...

Mrs. Mackanin mimics real-life CSI investigation for forensics students

Dr. Sforza handcuffs those found guilty with great disappointment.

Konrad Messyasz, Staff Writer

June 4, 2018

Mrs. Mackanin’s CSI investigation project for all students enrolled in Becton's forensics elective came to a close on May 23 when the science teacher announced that Mr. Caputo, Mr. Matos and Mrs. Trause were all guilty in taking part in the crime. With 44 out of 49 students able to convict the guilty...

Becton’s Robotics Club places first at SBJC Innovation Fair

The Light Savior was created by Becton's Robotics students.

Noelia Moore, Editor-in-Chief

May 2, 2018

Becton Regional High School’s Robotics Club had its first victory of the year at the South Bergen Jointure Robotics Innovation Fair held on April 25 in the Becton gymnasium. “It felt great to host this event,” stated Superintendent Mrs. Clarke who volunteered BRHS to be the location for the...

Becton Robotics Club continues to sharpen its STEM skills

The Bectobots competed for the first time on December 16.

Konrad Messyasz, Staff Writer

December 19, 2017

The Becton Robotics Club, also known as the Bectobots, has been very active this year leading up to their first competition, which was held on Saturday, December 16, at the PAL Recreational Center in Parsippany against Lodi and Wood-Ridge. “While we did not win anything (at the competition), it was a ...

Forensics Case SOLVED!

Mrs. De Santis paid Mrs. Marut to

Tamia Anderson

February 16, 2017

Breaking News! We have arrested the culprits. Mrs. Mackanin's forensic students have been working for almost a month on the case of the assault of Mrs. Settembrino. Even though this was not an actual assault, students still investigated the offense, interrogated each suspect, and examined evidence to solve t...

Forensics class to solve mock assault investigation

Forensics students learn investigation techniques such as how to analyze fingerprints.

Jana Christiano and Jessica Coleman

January 15, 2017

Science Instructor Mrs. Mackanin, along with her forensics class, is starting off the new year with a project that will mimic a real-life assault investigation. “Students are learning how to solve a crime during an in-depth investigation by studying hair evidence that shows race, gender, and whether...

Robotics Club continues to expose students to world of programming language

A student-designed robot was introduced at the September meeting.

Simran Kaur, Staff Writer

October 10, 2016

Due to an ongoing interest from Becton students, Science Teacher Mrs.Mackanin and Math and Science Department Chairperson Mr. Sawyer are bringing back the Robotics Club for the third consecutive year. This past September, the club adviser, Mrs. Mackanin, held the first informational meeting and 20...

Becton Robotics Club referees middle school tournaments

Becton Robotics Club referees middle school tournaments

Savannah Jones, Editor

March 16, 2016

After just a year since the club's inception, the Becton Robotics Club has recently been involved in refereeing middle school tournaments. At these tournaments, Becton students are responsible for checking each team’s robot to make sure it meets all of the requirements, mostly involving size, before t...

Becton Robotics Club programs interest in students

The after-school activity promotes problem solving and communication skills.

Patrick Cao, Editor

November 4, 2015

Becton's Robotics Club is a remarkable opportunity for interested adolescents to understand programming and coding and work with the art of robotics. Led by Science Teacher Mrs. Mackanin, students are constantly working with their hands on a weekly basis and building robots from scratch. "I am interested...

Robotics Club successfully introduces students to programming

The Robotics Club members work on programming the robot to dance.

David Stoltz, Staff Writer

May 8, 2015

The Robotics Club, which took place this past month, has exceeded expectations and allowed students to express their creativity through the use of technology. Sophomore Zak Kandiel has been a member of the club since its inception; however, this year, he took on a leadership role. With the help of...

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