Video Game Club helps students decompress, connect with others


Mr. Mendelsohn's classroom is where Video Game Club participants can gather for some friendly competition.

Giancarlo Sanchez, Contributing Writer

Becton’s Video Game Club, run by Math Teacher Mr. Mendelsohn, is an extracurricular activity designed around having fun.

Active on A and C days during the common lunch period, members engage in many different kinds of games. While some participants enjoy playing digital games, others may have a preference for playing card games like Yu-Gi-Oh!.

The Video Game Club began during the winter of 2017 when students were initially given the opportunity to play games and share their knowledge of gaming with their peers. The club, which hosts 26 active members, now allows for some friendly competition against classmates, fueling the group with a lot of competitive spirit. With the second official tournament coming up on November 7, participants are excited to see what the future holds.

One competitor and veteran member, Junior Christian Ochoa, commented, “It doesn’t only give students time to blow off steam from school work, but it also teaches discipline and can also teach about working as a team. Honestly, it’s all about meeting new friends and just having fun, which is what the Video Game Club was originally created for.”

Junior Evan Verpeut added, “It’s a cool way to meet people and bond through video games. I’ve met really good friends that I would have never talked to if it weren’t for the club.”

This year in particular, the group has seen a significant increase in members. Freshman and newest member Kayla Aldave stated, “The current experience I feel with this club is excellent, and I believe the future will hold the same excitement.”

With the club upgrading by two more consoles and another one on the way, it continues to be an environment where students can just let loose and relax during their lunch period allowing them to have up to one hour of stress-free fun.