Select Becton juniors to attend Girls & Boys State this June


Juniors Austin Kim, Rafael Kuc, Charlie Flenner, Victoria Gramlich and Luke Maffia are just some of the Becton students who were selected to be alternates and delegates for Boys and Girls State.

A handful of Becton juniors have been chosen to attend this year’s American Legion Auxiliary Girls State and American Legion Jersey Boys State, which will take place in June.

Juniors Victoria Gramlich, Victoria Gatopoulos, and Ashley Konopka have been honored with the opportunity to attend the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, which will take place at Rutgers University. The girls have gone through an application and interview process and are now preparing to meet their fellow delegates at The Women’s Club of Rutherford.

The Becton students were initially tasked with writing an essay explaining why they would like to participate. They also filled out an application detailing their college plans, extracurriculars, and other information to aid in the decision-making process. After careful consideration, a handful of girls were invited in for interviews, which determined the alternate and primary delegates.

The interview contained questions that covered topics such as favorite subjects and classes, extracurricular activities, any work experience, family life, and particular hobbies.

While at Girls State, the juniors will be ‘dorming’ and essentially getting the full college experience during the month of June. They will also be given the opportunity to sit in on lectures by women who are in the career field that they are interested in pursuing.

“I am very excited to meet other girls my age with similar interests and tour Rutgers seeing as it is one of my first choices in terms of college,” said Victoria Gramlich.

Ashley and Victoria Gatopoulos are also very excited to meet the other delegates and get a feel for what career paths they are interested in.

“I think this will be extremely beneficial. I really only know that I want to go into business but hopefully this will help me figure out what I want to do after college,” Ashley added. She is also excited about the workshops and other activities that will be available to them.

Similarly, Juniors Luke Maffia, Jeremy O’Brien, Austin Kim, and Patrick Cao have been selected to attend the American Legion Jersey Boys State, which will be held at Rider University. The Becton students went through an application process as well, which concluded with being interviewed by a former Becton science teacher, Mr. Siri, regarding their grades and school activities.

The activities that will take place at Rider University from June 18 through June 23 will include workshops and lectures that will be hosted by people from a variety of occupations. There will also be an opportunity to dorm with other students during this time in order to gain an authentic college feel.

“I am very excited for the experience and what it could do for me in the future,” stated Luke Maffia.