New Netflix Series “The Watcher” Has Everyone Watching

House from Netflixs new series The Watcher

House from Netflix’s new series “The Watcher”

On Oct. 13, 2022, Netflix released a new original series called “The Watcher.” The mysterious new show has been on Netflix’s top series since it has been out, catching the attention of watchers all around the world. “The Watcher”, with its ominous value and lure has everyone tuning in, waiting to see what’s to come.

*Spoilers Ahead*

In summary, the Netflix show revolves around a true story that took place in Westfield, New Jersey, just a few years back. The show tells the tale of the Brannock family, known as the Broadduses in real life, moving into their dream home just to find out everything is not as it seems. The family, including Dean and Nora Brannock with their two kids, start receiving thrilling letters in the mail. These letters are addressed to the families living in 657 Boulevard by an anonymous figure known as “The Watcher.” Throughout the series, the family keeps receiving these uncomfortable messages and try their hardest to uncover the mystery– while also balancing their drama-filled lives that keep the mystery alive. For the duration of the series, many plot twists and new puzzling characters emerge that cause the series to go more in depth while keeping the watchers hooked.

Due to the fact that “The Watcher” is based on a true story just set here in New Jersey, the real story has enticed the attention of people in the area, and especially the students at Becton. After conducting a survey on the student body here at Becton, over 50% of students collected have watched the series. When asked what the students were to rate the series, most rated over seven out of 10. Student at Becton, Evagelyn Seymour, gave the show a rating of eight and claims, “There was a lot of mystery in it, and it really kept me at the edge of my seat.” Seymour explained that she enjoyed the endless thrills and mystery the show brought to the table and how there was never a dull moment when it came to the plot.

Since the show was a mystery, it left many people with the question, “Who is the Watcher?” Many of the students have concluded that the ending was not as satisfying as they hoped. Sonal Shahani exclaims her opinion stating, “Even though the ending was okay, they never necessarily revealed the truth, because the truth was never revealed in real life. The ending makes us feel like everyone is the watcher.” Shahani voices that besides the fact “the watcher” was never revealed, this could have made the audience even more interested in the factors that make up this true story mystery.

Nonetheless, the new top series “The Watcher” has captivated audiences all around. The Watcher explores aspects of discomfort and shattered dreams that may cause watchers to become more interested in the overall plot of the series. Avyukt Gupta conveys what he thinks the audience was hooked on, “This show is a huge enigma and people are drawn to unsolved problems. This is also based on a true story that is quite horrifying to say the least.” Gupta opens up the case that the reason for the show’s appeal may be due to human nature’s allure to mysteries that may even cause us to expand our thinking outside the box.

Hopefully, due to popular demand, Netflix will decide to renew the acclaimed series. “The Watcher” leaves a lot to the audience’s imagination and maybe the watchers will be able to have peace of mind about the thrilling, true story, mystery.