On Principal’s Day, the Cat’s Eye View profiles our Fearless Leader: Dr. Dario Sforza


M. Vaccaro

Since 2014, Dr. Dario Sforza has helped Becton Regional High School to advance by focusing on students and staff.

“Chase the dream, and the money will follow.” This is the belief of Becton Regional High School Superintendent and Principal Dr. Dario Sforza, who followed his passion and made a difference in hundreds of lives. By leading one of the very few schools in the state that provided consistent in-person instruction during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, Dr. Sforza has proven that he is not one to step back from a challenging situation. Dr. Sforza spends a tremendous amount of time and energy to ensure that his students receive the superior quality of education they deserve, focusing on the growth of both teachers and students. On Principal’s Day and every day, Dr. Sforza is appreciated by the school community because Becton would not be the same without his exceptional leadership. 

In 2014, the  Cat’s Eye View welcomed new Principal, Dr. Sforza, with student-journalist Akemi Yara writing, “Dr. Sforza wants to include the students in the discussion and process of adding 21st-century programs to the school. He thinks that more diverse, career-orientated electives will aid adolescents in becoming more in touch with [the] careers of their interest[s].” In the article, Dr. Sforza explained how he wanted to be able to form stronger bonds with his students. Seven years later, the Becton community couldn’t imagine a school without Dr. Sforza. He chose to go into the education field because he saw that there were many problems in the system and strongly believed that he had what it took to improve them. Vice Principal, Mr. James Bononno mentioned that Dr. Sforza is analytical and always open to accepting different ideas. Administrative Assistant and Confidential Secretary, Ms. Karyn Trause, added, “In my experience, his thought process is to always put the students first, whether it is academically, or their mental/emotional and physical well-being.” In his seven years at the school, Dr. Sforza had added many new electives and clubs. For instance, the Math Honor Society, which was created this year. Dr. Sforza was able to achieve his dream, as Becton has grown into the school we know today.

Dr. Sforza received his Doctorate (EdD) in Education, Leadership, Management, and Policy at the prestigious Seton Hall University. He started his educational profession as a science teacher, focused on AP Physics and geophysical science. Before joining the Becton family, he was a high school vice-principal. Dr. Sforza is also a former supervisor of math, science, career, and technology education. Dr. Sforza started his job as principal but took on the additional role of Superintendent two years ago. “When I was only principal, I was only meeting the criteria to a certain extent. Having the responsibility of Superintendent enabled me to offer students and staff the most I can”, illustrated Dr. Sforza. By becoming Superintendent, he was able to work with the Board of Education more closely to implement changes in the school. Assistant Principal Mr. James Bononno expressed, “The most exceptional quality Dr. Sforza possesses is that he is passionate about education, and it drives him to be his very best.” Mr. Bononno reported that he and Dr. Sforza focus the majority of their time on program development, collaborating to ensure the future goals of the school. 

Furthermore, Dr. Sforza’s favorite part of his job is interacting with students, teachers, and staff members. He also delights in providing them opportunities to grow and watching their progress. Dr. Sforza shares, “I do not have one specific person as my role model as there were many [inspiring] people in my life: educators, family members, and business people”, but exclaimed that his wife, Bernadette Sforza was the one that supported him the most during his journey. 

Even with all of his responsibilities, Dr. Sforza explains that it is when he sees his students achieve, that he feels most inspired and joyful. He is still passionate about his position. However, he doesn’t see it as a job, but rather as a role. He uses his experience to make Becton the best it can be for his students. There is no doubt that in the years to come, Dr. Sforza will continue to make necessary changes, improving Becton and the lives of its students and staff. Mr. Bononno mentioned that he feels appreciative working in such a positive environment, which he credits Dr. Sforza in creating. The Becton community couldn’t agree more.