Seniors Bracco, Henke, Squeo & Lesho lead this year’s Student Council


Becton’s Student Council officers are focusing on school spirit and fun activities. Pictured Above: Lisa Squeo, Olivia Bracco, Alyssa Lesho & Stephen Henke

Safa Hassan, Staff Writer

Becton seniors Olivia Bracco, Stephen Henke, Lisa Squeo, and Alyssa Lesho have been voted as Student Council officers for the 2018-2019 school year.

Student Council President Olivia Bracco ran for office because she wanted to make a change in the school and believes she won the position because of her outgoing and funny personality. The senior mentioned how she is known as being funny, determined, caring, and at the same time, having a thick skin.

Her plan as president is to make this year as fun and memorable as possible. For instance, an event that she is currently organizing is Becton’s first annual Haunted Fest. In the future, the president would also like to plan a Senior Field Day where students get the chance to challenge the faculty.

“I hope to gain a sense of leadership and responsibility, and I hope I also gain many amazing memories by helping the school improve,” said Olivia.

Furthermore, Vice President Stephen Henke ran for president because as his last year at Becton, he has many ideas in mind that he hopes will make this school year memorable. Stephen Henke is a smart, athletic, and well-rounded student who cares a lot about his grades, friends and family, and track.

His goal for this school year is to make the Becton staff remember the Class of 2019; he wants this class to be the one that Becton High School will miss. “I think I won because many peers know that I’m very fit for making this year the best. I just want my senior class to look back on their last year and be thankful they graduated with such a great group of people,” he said.

Stephen says he is planning on having a fun spring pep rally along with a Senior Field Day. He also has many more ideas that he was not certain that he could share.

“The most difficult aspect of being vice president is not being able to have some of our events happen. We have a lot going on since we’re seniors, but we’ll try our best to make 2019 a year that nobody will forget,” stated Stephen.

Last but certainly not least, Student Council Secretary Lisa Squeo ran for an officer position because she felt like she needed her voice to be heard. She also hopes to gain knowledge of what it is like to run events at her high school. “Getting everyone to agree on ideas is definitely going to be the difficult part of this,” she noted. Additionally, Student Council Treasurer Alyssa Lesho hopes to gain a fun experience with the holiday events that they have planned. According to the senior, the difficulty with being treasurer is not only maintaining a budget, but using it to make activities as fun as possible.