AP Statistics class sits in on college-level presentations at WPU

Mr. Jasinski's AP Statistics class attended a field trip to William Paterson University on November 3.

Mr. Jasinski’s AP Statistics class attended a field trip to William Paterson University on November 3.

Mr. Jasinski’s AP Statistics class visited William Paterson University this month where students were given the opportunity to listen to mathematics-based lectures and take a tour around sections of the college campus.

Towards the beginning of the trip, two math professors presented information to the students. The first professor discussed prime numbers, and he continued his lecture by showing the students proofs involving prime numbers. He then concluded his lesson by explaining twin primes and Mersenne prime numbers.

Furthermore, the second educator enlightened audience members with knowledge about the Fibonacci sequence and  Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers. “The professors were very funny and knowledgeable,” noted Mr. Jasinski. One significant speaker who was present was the university’s mathematics department chairperson, Mr. Peter Chen.

“I personally liked hearing the presentations about prime numbers, the Fibonacci sequence and Jacobsthal numbers. It reminded me of college math and higher level thinking,” said the Becton math teacher.

The presentation also included additional speakers who promoted the local university. For example, the speakers discussed the Actuarial Science Program, which is coming to William Paterson University next year. The school is in the process of getting the program approved by the state, and the purpose of the program would be to educate students on the topics of insurance, economics, business, mathematics and finance.

The Actuarial Science Program will allow those interested to take a deeper look into analyzing the risk of an investment and the loss or gain that a company will receive from the investment. Since actuarial positions are in demand right now, more colleges are looking into adding the program to their field of studies.

After the students listened to the speakers, they were given the chance to eat a free lunch at the university’s cafeteria before taking a tour of the campus where they were able to visit the academic buildings and sit in on a physical education class.

Becton’s AP Statistics class spends time focusing on analyzing data such as scatter plots and normal distribution. Currently, they are on the topic of sampling and surveys.

“It’s a very analytical class as opposed to algebra,” said the math teacher.

When asked about the main goal of the trip, Mr. Jasinski mentioned that it was to have the students experience college-level presentations and to see what William Paterson University has to offer along with exploring the campus. He noted that he first found out about the fair at WPU when Mrs. Cannarozzi brought it to his attention.

Becton seniors Michel Botros, Gonzalo Guardia, Brandon Vargas and Bhargin Kanani and juniors Amanda Roa, Hako Tosic, Zackary Deleasa and Mark Gergis attended the trip to this historic campus located in Wayne, New Jersey.

“I had a really fun time on the trip. The professors were very intuitive and generous with everyone. I am very much considering William Paterson University, and I hope that the statistics class can go on this trip again in the years to come so that future Becton students can gain a sense of important life and career choices,” said Senior Brandon Vargas.

Mr. Jasinski said he is definitely thinking about taking the AP Statistics class to this event again next year.

William Paterson University is the third oldest public university in New Jersey. It offers a wide range of math courses that strive to teach students the importance of math in various aspects of life. Approximately 9,000 undergraduates were enrolled at the college during the fall 2016 semester.