Editorial: SMOSH Drop-out Anthony Padilla Making it Big


Courtesy of AnthonyPadilla

It’s no surprise, Anthony Padilla has accumulated millions of followers.

Anthony Padilla, a content creator, commonly known by his old YouTube channel as SMOSH has greatly grown over his sixteen years on his platform. He has gone from making comedic skits to conducting informative yet entertaining interviews. He commonly talks to people who have been through traumatic events, have a certain diagnosis, mental illness, those who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and much more. He also brings other well-known content creators such as PewDiePie, Corpse Husband, nigahiga, TheOdd1sOut, SwaggerSoulsand as he goes in-depth as to what occurs behind the cameras. As seen from the videos, it is clear that the interview questions are well thought out, research was done and he is very respectful. Anthony Padilla puts into perspective how certain people deal with day-to-day life, even being slightly informed about these topics can make a major difference. 

A video dated back to three years ago, Anthony Padilla had posted a short video where he publicly states that he has left Smosh, the channel which he started alongside Ian Hecox, a channel with 25 million subscribers. “I need to be doing what makes me happiest to wake up each morning, right now that’s for me to do things on my own again, with complete creative freedom- I’m scared, but I’m also really excited,” Padilla stated when giving his explanation to his subscribers on his new channel named ‘AnthonyPadilla’. Throughout the years, he has gained over 5 million subscribers and he is doing what makes him happy and that is creating videos to inform us and get rid of any negative connotation or associations when talking about certain topics, as he brings on people who do have to deal with said topics. 

One of his most known uploads is a video titled “I spent a day with Multiple Personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder).” Padilla invites people who have D.I.D and he respectfully asks them questions in regards to the disorder. The YouTuber speaks to many other content creators on the platform that are well known in the D.I.D. community. When asked what D.I.D meant, Nin, aka DissociaDID, answered,  “Having D.I.D means that as a child your personality was unable to fully develop into one singular personality.” She went on to explain that, “Everybody as a child starts off with an unintegrated personality, and around the ages of between 7-9 in normal development. But if there is repeated or severe trauma before that age- the trauma along with the ability to dissociate to a high level and having disorganized attachments to your primary caregivers prevents one personality from fully integrating due to the amnesia that goes up to keep that trauma- and that’s why if you have D.I.D you have multiple personalities, rather than one singular one.” Anthony goes on to ask more of his questions and throughout the video we are able to see as Nin switches personalities, going from Nin to Kyle (Nin’s primary protector alter) to a ‘little’ (a child alter). It’s fascinating to further understand what D.I.D is and what triggers can cause it, seeing the switches and ultimately just being more knowledgeable about Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Padilla has interviews with all different types of content creators. From Minecraft YouTubers to those who live with mental illness, anyone can be entertained by this Youtube channel. I would definitely recommend checking out AnthonyPadilla as you will end up getting absorbed by the entertainment and pure curiosity as you further learn about several different topics.