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Spanish Language Instructor Ms. Ruiz organizes Multicultural Exchange Assembly

Ambassadors from Spain Mrs. Cristina López and Mr. Óscar Ruiz along with Mexico's Consul of Community Affairs Mrs. Alexia Nuñez visited Becton to share information about their culture, heritage & occupations.

Jenny Marcinkowski and Jaylen Nuila & Maya Dobrygowski

May 16, 2018

Spanish Language Instructor Ms. Consuelo Ruiz coordinated Becton’s first Multicultural Exchange Assembly made up of presentations by ambassadors from Spain and Mexico on May 14. The event, which launched the high school’s International Week, included students enrolled in all levels of a world la...

International Week highlights, celebrates Becton diversity

ESL Instructor Mrs. Gonzo designed a bulletin board to help educate Becton students on various languages.

Matthew Krieger and Savannah Jones

June 2, 2017

ESL Instructor Mrs. Gonzo, along with the Italian and Spanish Honor Societies and a few faculty and staff members, prepared Becton’s annual International Week to help celebrate the high school’s diverse population. On a designated week in May, Mrs. Gonzo coordinated various celebratory activities...

First ever Becton ‘Carnivale’ celebration a success

Mrs. Colangelo, Mrs. Bonanno and Mrs. Sanchez have fun wearing masks made by Becton art students.

Savannah Jones, Editor

March 9, 2017

Becton students celebrated the first ever Carnivale with art, music and decorations in the gym and snacks in the main cafeteria during their lunch period on Friday, March 3. Carnivale is a national celebration that occurs before the religious observance of Lent, so the Art, World Language and Family...

Becton diversity ranks within top 12% in NJ, 5% in USA

The display case, which can be found on the main floor at Becton, is made up of a collection of artifacts from all over the world. All items were given to ESL Teacher Mrs. Gonzo over the past 25 years. Each item has a story behind it including from the country in which it originated.

Aneta Ostasz and Brandon Zambrano

December 18, 2015

In a recent poll conducted by, an evaluation system founded by a Carnegie Mellon student, Henry P. Becton Regional High School has placed within the top 12 percent of most diverse schools in New Jersey and within the top 5 percent of most diverse high schools in the United States. Founded in...

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