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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders getting mixed reviews about socialist democratic views

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Brandon Zambrano, Staff Writer

March 4, 2016

With the 2016 elections turning out to be one of the most talked about in quite some time, many potential voters in New Jersey still seem to be unsure and divided on which candidate to support, and since Sanders and Clinton are seemingly neck and neck with constantly fluctuating support throughout the...

Numerous changes to the SAT will begin this March

Supervisor of Guidance Ms. Internicola stated that the new SAT will require students to focus a lot more on interpreting and understanding material.

Austin Kim, Staff Writer

February 4, 2016

By March 2016, the new, redesigned SAT will be available to all test takers. As one of the most crucial tests for high school students, people are relieved to hear that there will be beneficial changes to its format. There will be no more guessing penalties, no obscure vocabulary, and no required ess...

Students, staff begin to ponder 2016 resolutions

Sophomore Fabrizio Jimenez is looking forward to the new year.

Patrick Cao, Editor

December 15, 2015

New Year's resolutions for 2016 have been receiving mixed feelings from Henry P. Becton High School's students and staff. A resolution is great motivation to change oneself for the upcoming year since they are normally meant to improve overall lifestyles for the greater good. Sophomore Fabrizio...

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