Students, staff begin to ponder 2016 resolutions

Sophomore Fabrizio Jimenez is looking forward to the new year.

Sophomore Fabrizio Jimenez is looking forward to the new year.

Patrick Cao, Editor

New Year’s resolutions for 2016 have been receiving mixed feelings from Henry P. Becton High School’s students and staff.

A resolution is great motivation to change oneself for the upcoming year since they are normally meant to improve overall lifestyles for the greater good.

Sophomore Fabrizio Jimenez is looking forward to the new year and his resolution is to earn money by working at a local supermarket such as Stop N’ Shop or Shop Rite. Fabrizio is eager to follow through with his resolution due to him being tired of asking his parents for money and also wanting to learn more about responsibility.

However, not all students are too eager for a resolution this coming year. Sophomore Nick Lipinksi has never been too fond of the idea. Nick stated, “I see no real reason to have a resolution, since I have nothing I want to change about my lifestyle.”

Moving on, several Becton staff members have their resolutions locked and loaded for 2016. English Teacher Mrs. Lonergan is all set for 2016 and is quite committed to taking her vitamins daily and going to the gym five days out of the week. Besides resolutions for personal care, she also created resolutions to preserve and kindle the finer aspects of life.

Custodian Mr. Matos’ resolution is to possibly take off from work sometimes and cherish memories with his family at home more often.

Meanwhile, Head Custodian Mr. Caputo stated, “I want to take off time as well, since I really can’t remember the last time I took off from work.”

Unlike some of the rest of the staff, Substitute Teacher Mrs. Chesney is not too fond of New Year’s resolutions, because she said, “I’m not committed to what I originally planned in previous years.”

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