Senior boys track & field athletes recognized as key leaders


Monse Martinez

Onlookers watch Stephen Henke hurdle his way to victory at the latest track meet.

Track and field athletes Stephen Henke, Mekhi Davis, Seth Salvemini, and Tyler Salo are exhibiting outstanding leadership this season, according to their coach, Mr. Mark Peck.  

“This year, we have strong leaders that can compete at a state sectional level,” said the high school track coach.

“We are much more consistent and better across the board than we have been in years,” he continued to express.

Coach Peck considers the four senior athletes to have progressed the most throughout their track careers, and what they each have in common is their goal to continue to improve.

Stephen Henke & Seth Salvemini prepare for their next event. Monse Martinez

As a returning first-team all league hurdler, Stephen Henke is striving to beat the school record for the 110 hurdles. “I feel like everyone looks up to me now, so my performance off the field and on the field is very important,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Mekhi Davis is looking forward to breaking the long jump record of at least twenty-two feet. While reflecting on his past achievements, he is most proud to have entered the state championship during his sophomore year.

Monse Martinez
Mekhi Davis takes a break to reflect on his success at the track meet.

Stephen Henke and Mekhi Davis, along with juniors Andri Barrios and Javier Pose, won the 4 x 200 in Group D at the Bergen County Relay on April 13. Together, they broke the school record with a time of 1:35:50.

Furthermore, the only Becton senior long-distance runner, Seth Salvemini, stated that he has the “constant need” to improve himself. Seth is planning on participating in cross country in college and is even dedicated to “setting up the men’s track team at Felician University.” “I enjoy seeing everyone grow alongside me and helping everybody get better, as well as meeting new people and making friends, which are what track has given me,” he said.

Monse Martinez
Seth Salvemini sprints to place first in the race.

Last but certainly not least, Tyler Salo is also striving to make improvements that will lead him to beat the school record for the javelin. “I try and tell myself I can go further than I usually do,” he said, and that technique is what has helped him become successful.

Monse Martinez
Tyler Salo perfects his form while throwing the javelin.

In essence, all four seniors agree that music is their main source of motivation. The importance of staying hydrated before and after their performances and maintaining a positive mindset during their competitions were also mentioned by each of them. They also believe that their duty as seniors is to be the team’s role models.

Currently, the Becton Track & Field Team has been working hard to compete in the Bergen County Group D Championship held on May 10 and 11 at Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan. The coaches also hope that at least eight of their athletes qualify for the Bergen Meet of Champions, which will take place on May 17 at Hackensack High School.

The next track meet is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24 at Riggin Field against Wallington High School and Wood-Ridge High School.