Becton’s Bolwell signs to attend Assumption College, receives full scholarship

Senior Quarterback Michael Bolwell has signed to attend Assumption College.

Becton Senior Michael Bolwell has committed to attend Division 2 Assumption College located in Worcester, Massachusetts on Wednesday, February 7.

Michael has chosen to play for the Assumption College Football Team because he enjoys the environment and the students. His position will be quarterback for the Greyhounds.

“It’s very well deserved; he definitely worked hard for it. He’s committed to the game, and he gets to showcase his talent on the next level. He’s going to be tough to replace because he’s a once-in-a-20-years type of quarterback, and I wish him success,” stated Becton Head Football Coach Jack Maher.

It’s very well deserved; he definitely worked hard for it.”

— Coach Maher

The Becton athlete has been playing football for about 13 years and noted that the first time he watched a football game on television, he decided to try out the sport, and he immediately enjoyed it. Furthermore, Michael mentioned that his parents inspired him to play football since he was little and encouraged him to do better every day.

The senior commented that he will miss playing football for Becton Regional High School. He also said that he will miss playing the sport with his childhood friends, performing in front of the town and watching his parents be proud and supportive of him at every game.

“Michael’s talent, dedication and passion is truly appreciated by the Becton family, and we know that the qualities that make him outstanding in our community will make him outstanding at Assumption,” said Becton Athletic Director Ms. Giancaspro.

As for future plans, the Becton senior aspires to either open up his own business or be a general manager of a sports team one day. He would also like to further his football career by becoming a New York Giants quarterback.

“If you really want to play college football, you need to work hard and put the work in during the off-season. In addition to that, listen to your coaches and parents, and work hard in school,” he said.