Becton receives $1,000 environmental awareness grant


Due to the efforts of Ms. Annitti, Becton has received an environmental awareness grant.

Patrick Cao, Editor

Henry P. Becton Regional High School has received a $1,000 Environmental Awareness Challenge Grant from the Bergen County Utilities Authority.

“We are going to use the money to purchase greenhouse supplies to plant an organic herb garden for the Environmental Club,” stated Career and Technology Education Instructor Ms. Annitti. “This is the fourth consecutive year that Becton has received the grant,” she added. Previous grant money was used to purchase recycled paper for printers and copiers, new recycling bins throughout the school and the trees and flowers seen upon entering the parking lot. 

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This is the fourth consecutive year that Becton has received the grant.”

— Ms. Annitti

Science Teacher Mr. D’Alia, who is assisting Ms. Annitti with the purpose of this year’s grant money, has also explained some possibilities with their new investment. With this grant, additional pots, plants and seeds will be purchased and used by members of the Environmental Club. Furthermore, the money will possibly be used for self-watering systems and improving the greenhouse located in his room. The science instructor also wants to take advantage of the patio area of the greenhouse and set plants there to be maintained.

“Maybe if we have some money left over, and if we fundraise, we can also take the Environmental Club to New York’s Botanical Garden,” Mr. D’Alia stated.

The Environmental Challenge Grant Program began nine years ago in order to stress the importance of taking care of the environment in Bergen County schools.