The Becton Art Show Was Yet Again, Spectacular!


Becton’s Best Art Department!

The Becton Art Show was yet again, spectacular! The show first started in 2009 and has been a Becton staple ever since. Students from all of the Art classes participated and showcased their marvelous works of art. Due to the mass influx of students that entered art classes this year, there were hundreds of pieces shown ranging from paintings, drawings, and sculptures to photography and digital art. The show took place in the media center from 5:30 to 7:00 and was set up like a modern-day art gallery as all of the works and pieces were displayed so that people could walk through the aisles and view them.

While people enjoyed the show– refreshments, and music were also available to make the experience even better. Savannah Sarden and Kacie Lu were asked to perform at the Art Show, and they graciously accepted the invitation. Lu exclaims, “Ms. Savincki emailed me asking if I could play at the art show this year and the idea of it sounded so cool that I couldn’t resist the opportunity! I remembered how awesome the art show came out last year, so when Ms. Savincki said I could perform and have so much creative liberty with it I immediately said yes!” The pair did a great job as they played a collection of songs throughout the night. Students also got the opportunity to see the art during the school day and vote for their favorites. It is so delightful to see so many students create these beautiful pieces and express themselves through different kinds of art.

Winners of the Art Show based on Public Vote are as follows: Sarai Luzba, Jeanine Endara, Martin Lipinski, Bless Abaracoso, Jack Franz, Samantha Guzman, Irene Choi, Megan Rodriguez, Briana Seidel, Anthony Puente, Lhaze Kunsang, Adam Almshref, Carmen Cardozo, Segall Sanchez, Ariel Konopka, Ayani DeJesus, Carl Remigio, Evangeline Bunting, Jake Kennedy, Purvaja Srinivasan, Patrick Isky

Congratulations to all winners and to the Art Department for another successful art showcase!