Becton’s Nearly Famous Debate Team Takes It Home


The Nearly famous Debate Team hosting at BRHS!

On Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023 Becton’s’ own Nearly Famous Debate Team hosted the Varsity match between numerous schools in Bergen County. With two Becton teams competing, including Seniors Kyla Groh, Adrianna Mc Clain, Lucas Chen, and Damien Foster, for the last time, they earned a few victories throughout the day. Picking up two more “Outstanding Judge” awards were seniors Irene Kim and Tenzin Yiga. Due to the high intensity of Debates, also mixed in with a supportive audience of their classmates, debaters were under a lot of pressure, but of course, they pulled through.

Becton’s students were given the opportunity to witness the hard work, research, and preparation members of the debate team apply when competing against others. When Becton student Valeria Benitez was asked what she had learned while watching the debate in person she informs, “You can see the hard work and passion they put in just to be able to react quickly to what the opposing team is arguing.” Benitez continues to talk about how quick-witted the debaters were during the debate and states how impressed she was seeing just how intelligent and prepared the debaters, from both sides were.

In conclusion, the competitions of the debate team taught the students, and maybe even the teachers, how difficult, while still skillful, it may be to compete face-to-face with other debaters. As you can see, the debate team teaches vital lessons such as public speaking, intellectual arguments, and preparation skills for those partaking in the club. If you deem these skills necessary and essential, you may want to consider joining Becton’s’ Nearly Famous Debate Team!

Advisor Mr. Carr shares on behalf of his debate team, “We cannot wait to do it again in March– when Becton hosts the County Varsity Debate League Championship Tournament!”