Grace Riley– The Future of Becton Wrestling


Grace Riley following her First Place win at Garfield Wrestling Tournament.

On Dec. 16, Grace Riley won 1st place at the annual Garfield Wrestling Tournament among many other achievements this season. Riley is a sophomore at Becton Regional and is making us proud as 5th in the state with a record of 10 and 2. When asked what one memorable moment was, Riley stated fondly “One memorable moment specifically from the tournament was the love and support I received from my friends, family, and coaches– especially after winning my finals match. Watching everyone’s matches and seeing how every girl cheers each other on– it’s a fantastic feeling.” Riley embodies what it is to be a true athlete and role model, she is dedicated to her sport, shows great sportsmanship, and is very skilled in wrestling. 

Riley reflects on her wins by stating, “Winning matches feels amazing, but it’s not all about winning. I have worked so hard in the off-season, and it finally feels like it’s starting to pay off.” Riley also expresses her gratitude to all her coaches. Riley shares that her Coach, Foca, preaches four requirements: Effort, Position, Fearless Attack & Respect. Becton Head Coach Farina also commends Riley, “Grace has worked really hard going to a club all year and has made gains that were unexpected. The growth that she has shown is nothing short of amazing, and she is ahead of schedule- with regards to achieving major goals- specifically having the potential to qualify for the state tournament.” 

Riley shares that there were many takeaways from this season already, but one of the biggest ones is to never give up no matter what position you are in. Riley recalled, “In my finals match, I got taken down at the beginning of the first period. Last year, I would have dwelled on how I had just got taken down, but in this match, I got taken down and worked on improving my position right away. A few seconds later, I was able to score a reversal and pin to win the match.” Riley is determined to place in the Top Four at Regions, which can give her a spot in States. Becton knows she will do well and crush the competition. 

Go support Riley and the rest of the Wrestling Team at their Senior Night tonight, Jan. 17, at 6:00 pm against Midland Park/Waldwick.