Becton Decks the Halls for the Holidays!


Senior’s Northern Lights Hallway!

For Becton Wildcats, it is always important to keep up a tradition, whether it be old or new. One of these traditions, which Becton uses to embody the spirit of Christmas, is the month-long “Deck the Halls” competition! It is exactly what it sounds like; a free-for-all and friendly competition to see who can decorate Becton the best! The whole school, in fact, is already littered with tons of festive decorations! The reason the school holds this friendly competition is to allow students to express themselves in a challenging way; essentially, they are put under a small amount of pressure to decorate the halls for a specific topic in order to see who wins. This year, each class is tasked with representing a different part of the world. The Seniors are representing The Northern Lights, the Juniors are representing Norway from the movie “Frozen”, the Sophomores are representing London, and the Freshman are representing the Big Apple, NYC! May the best hallway win! 

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