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Editorial: 18 Things I Learned Before Turning 18

Noelia Moore, Editor-in-Chief, shares the 18 things she has learned in her 18 years.

Noelia Moore, Editor-in-Chief

January 29, 2020

The day that nobody was waiting for has finally come; your favorite unknown, high school news reporter has just turned 18. This time (5:03 in the morning, if we’re getting technical) in 2002, the world was graced with the arrival of another nihilistic, introverted Aquarius who was destined to spend...

High Hopes For High School Musical Play

Students practice their moves for

Noelia Moore, Editor-in-Chief

January 14, 2020

  UPDATE: Purchase Tickets to High School Musical: On Stage! from TicketLeap Becton’s Theater Arts Department is setting the stage for its upcoming production of High School Musical: On Stage! the last weekend in February. Directing the play is Mrs. Michele Morrell, who previously directed Be...

Junior Moore to pursue passion for journalism

Junior Noelia Moore's story was recognized as

Monserrath Martinez, Staff Writer

May 29, 2019

Junior Noelia Moore, who serves as an editor of her school news site, has been accepted to attend the Summer Journalism Workshop at the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University. Approximately twenty-five high school students from New Jersey will attend the fourth annual Summer Journalism ...

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