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Video: Becton honors Jenny Marcinkowski with February Student of the Month

Noelia Moore, Editor-in-Chief

February 29, 2020

We partnered with the broadcasting students to take a closer look at February Student of the Month, and Cat's Eye View Editor, Jenny Marcinkowski. Feb. Student of the Month: Jenny Marcinkowski

Editorial: Exposé on the Exposure of YouTubers

Editor Jenny Marcikowski takes a closer look at the mental health impact of being a YouTuber.

Jenny Marcinkowski, Lead Editor: District Initiatives & Community Affairs

January 22, 2020

The 2010s witnessed the rise of social media personalities and content creators, specifically YouTubers. For many, being a YouTuber was formerly a hobby or a way to earn extra cash, but today it is a widely recognized profession. Well-known YouTubers, like Jeffree Star and Jake Paul, are treated like...

Jenny Marcinkowski Dominates: Senior Wins Debate Award and Essay Contest

Senior Jenny Marcinkowski Wins Debate Award and Essay Contest

Noelia Moore, Editor-in-Chief

January 22, 2020

With college quickly approaching for the upperclassmen at Becton, Senior Jenny Marcinkowski has been making sure to dominate her extracurriculars this month. The senior recently won the VFW Voice of Democracy Essay Contest, as well as the award for Best Judge at the Debate Team’s meet in Becton on...

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Jenny Marcinkowski