Multi-colored graduation cords to be worn at 2018 commencement ceremony


An orange cord will represent those seniors who were active members of the Cat's Eye View.

Jilian Kaszka, Staff Writer

In addition to honor students wearing cords as a symbol of their academic achievement on graduation day, students who have participated in the same extracurricular activity throughout their high school career will be able to illustrate their commitment and hard work by wearing cords as well.

Mrs. Ferris, Becton Regional High School’s senior class adviser, believes that wearing the multi-colored ropes is a great way to showcase the various clubs and activities that the school has to offer, and at the same time, acknowledge those students who take advantage of the numerous opportunities presented to them. “At Becton, we are always trying to improve, and what better way to showcase our activities other than to have the graduates proudly represent them,” Mrs. Ferris said.

“I feel more students should be recognized for their accomplishments besides top academics. It is important for both the graduates to stand out as well as give the undergraduates an opportunity to see what opportunities are available to them,” she added.

Out of the entire Class of 2018, there will be approximately 70 students wearing graduation cords, stoles and/or medals on June 20.

Several students will be wearing graduation stoles as well as cords.

The senior class adviser mentioned that she got this idea from watching her son graduate from college. As a mother of a former college student, she enjoyed seeing how many students were involved in activities outside of the classroom setting. “This proved that students do not go to school just for an education. They go to school to become a well rounded person and explore different avenues.”

When asked about the feedback that she has gotten so far, Mrs. Ferris stated that the advisers, coaches and faculty, as well as the administration, all feel like it is a wonderful idea. “They believe that this tradition will not only carry on for years to follow, but the number of participants will increase at each ceremony.”