Senior Cabezas scores 1,000 points during Becton Basketball career


Pictured above are the five starting players of the Becton Girls Basketball Team: (left to right) Jaylen Nuila, Aliyah Dearmas, Chloe Jaime, Felicia Carty and Justina Cabezas.

Becton basketball’s very own senior, Justina Cabezas, made her thousandth point shot during a home game against Weehawken High School on Feb. 1.

The four-year varsity player has been averaging 25.3 points per game and is the number three scorer in the state. During last Thursday’s game, Justina needed just nine points to make it into the Elite Club, and she reached that goal in the second quarter when she put up a three-point shot.

“Making that three-point shot was the greatest feeling of my life. I never experienced anything like that in my life, and I feel like nothing could compare to that moment,” said Justina.

She noted that this was one of her biggest accomplishments and what made it more special was that her mother was there to see it because her inspiration throughout this whole journey has been her mother. “She’s the strongest person I know, and I wanted to make her proud,” she added. 

Making that three-point shot was the greatest feeling of my life.”

— Justina Cabezas

Justina stated that her mother is the strongest person that she knows.

This milestone was just one of her many athletic accomplishments. To date, the varsity basketball player is very excited to have received offers from Division 3 schools such as Rutgers University-Newark and William Paterson University. Her ultimate dream is to become a professional basketball player or to just play the sport as long as she possibly can. Justina realizes that playing in college is a different level in itself and that she has a lot to learn, but she is excited for what the future holds.

Justina’s athletic career began at the age of five when she first began to play and ever since then, she fell in love with the sport. Basketball, as she describes it, gives her “an outlet and always makes her feel better.”

Teammate and Junior Chloe Jaime stated, ¨Even though she yells sometimes, she’s just pushing us to be better and play harder, and it makes playing with her fun. It’s bittersweet that she is leaving, but I’m glad that she will go on to play at a collegiate level. I am going to miss bothering her before games and practices and just her overall presence on the court next year.”

Being the only senior, Justina has the weight of the team on her shoulders, but win or lose, she never fails to lead them. Freshman Samirah Reyes stated, “It’s great playing with her; I look up to her. As the captain, whenever I make a mistake, she is there to help and guide me. She is an amazing teammate, and I’m glad that I got to play with her my freshman year.”

In regards to being a part of the Lady Wildcats, Justina commented, “They always put me in a good spirit. Nothing is going to ruin our friendship. We are a family.”

The senior athlete’s basketball idol for as long as she can remember is Brittney Griner, a professional women’s basketball player and the third highest ever scoring female player in Division 1 history.