Class of 2017 Valedictorian: Amber Jordan


Amber accepts her valedictorian certificate at the annual breakfast with Superintendent Mrs. Clarke.

Matthew Krieger, Staff Writer

Ending the year off strong is a goal for many Becton students, but to senior Amber Jordan, this goal started at the beginning of her freshman year and carried on until the last day of high school. After four years of working hard, Amber has earned the status of Class of 2017 Valedictorian.

With her GPA standing at an astounding 98.3, it is easy to see that Amber takes her education very seriously.

“I hope to grow and learn more about myself as well as further prepare myself for my future career as a pediatric dermatologist,” said the valedictorian. Amber will be attending Hofstra University, which is located in New York, and will be studying biology on a pre-medical track.

Amber stated that she will never forget the teachers and faculty at Becton. “They’re all easy to talk to and have helped me tremendously throughout my four years.”

On the contrary, she stated that she will not miss the 8 a.m. mile runs in gym class.

“Continue to work hard and get involved in extracurricular activities and school events” is her advice to all underclassmen. She is a firm believer of ‘work hard, play hard’ because she noted that underclassmen should also have fun since they are only young once.