What’s cooking in culinary class?


Culinary II students are showing off their mouth-watering Quiche Lorraine.

Matthew Krieger, Staff Writer

With just a few weeks after the start of the third marking period, Ms. Marut, Becton Regional High School’s home economics instructor, is all set to add excellent, new recipes to the Culinary I and II classes.

The curriculum for Culinary I focuses on easier to manage, simpler recipes while Culinary II introduces culture and geography lessons along with the new foods.

To start off, Culinary I students will be focusing more on the dairy aspect of the food pyramid. The first food they will be making is a lovely tapioca pudding. After that, the next food on the plate is broccoli and cheddar soup. Next, is something simple and delicious: crepes. Shortly after that recipe is complete, students will make a perfect mac and cheese, and last but certainly not least, Ms. Marut noted that toward the end of the year, simpler recipes will lead to a bit more complex ones like stuffed shells and sour cream muffins.

Moving on to Culinary II, the home economics instructor will be giving students a bit more of a challenge.

First, they will put their primary focus on French foods. They will be starting off the semester with learning how to make Quiche Lorraine, and then after that, they will be constructing a delightful dish called Crepes Suzette. As for dessert, on the plate will be eclairs followed by French favorites, baguettes and possibly French onion dip.

Moving on, the next trip for Culinary II students will be to get a taste of Germany and Austria. Ms. Marut is still in the process of choosing the best possible recipes for those countries, but for now, students will be making potato pancakes and a mouth-watering black forest cake.

The instructor welcomes students and staff to submit a recipe for the culinary students to make, and if the recipe is within the ingredients and budget, it’s in. “I always welcome new recipes any time. If it’s a good recipe, it’s in,” she said.

Which recipes are at the top of Ms. Marut’s list? The line-up includes cookies and cream ice cream, breakfast quiche, and her all-time favorite, eggs benedict.