Becton Performs Final Play of the Year – Rent!


Seniors and performers taking their final bows.

From Friday, April 14, 2023, to Sunday, April 16, 2023, Becton’s own Theatre Program put on its own performance of the play Rent, welcoming everyone to come to watch and enjoy. For some performers including Seniors Peter Schumann, Kyla Groh, Sophia Diaz, Sean Spadavecchia, Segall Sanchez, Jorel Williams, Junie Hwang, and Julyanna Sanchez, it would be their last time performing at Becton. The Play Rent, which showcases serious and real-life issues, was an excellent choice to end their Senior Year with a mark.

The play Rent demonstrates a real-life scenario of a group of young impoverished group of friends struggling to make ends meet in New York City. Rent discusses many serious issues with surrounding stigma such as sexuality, poverty, and sexually transmitted diseases. This play includes many serious topics usually not mentioned in school performances but should be to spread awareness about issues in our society today. Many characters in the play experience adversity and struggle throughout the show. When Becton Senior, Segall Sanchez, was asked what lesson she took away from the play, she responded, “The performance was important because of its strong message. The lesson I took away was that we have to live day by day because we don’t know what will happen.” Sanchez goes on to explain how Rent showed the true value and importance of celebrating your life because as the characters in the play see, anything can happen.

In relation to the valuable theme brought to the audience, the theater program also clearly puts in hours of hard work in order to accurately portray Rent to its viewers. Throughout the show, the audience was truly captivated by the performances of the students, and how well the whole production was orchestrated from beginning to end. Becton Sophomore, Irving Lerdo, who had the opportunity to watch the play explained, “This year the performances were clearly passionate, and you can tell the actors were really invested in the show.” Lerdo talks about how special and inspiring the performances were during the play, even going as far as to say he will return next year to watch more of the school plays.

In the end, as well as all the hard work put into the play, members of the theater were also able to have a good time and make lifelong friendships while preparing for the show. Becton Seniors made the most of their last performances during their high school years and thought Rent was the perfect choice to end their year. Theatre allows students to be able to express themselves and adapt to their roles as different characters while also learning to work together as a team to put on an amazing performance in front of the rest of their peers. When Becton Senior, Junie Hwang, was asked what she would miss the most about the Becton Theatre Program, she concluded,” I will miss Rebecca, Michelle, the whole cast, and the experience in general. The entire cast became a family that I’m still finding it hard to believe that I won’t be a part of the school productions anymore.” Hwang continues to reflect on her past years participating in the school plays, and how over time, she and her fellow cast members became a family together, navigating the stage and doing what they love.

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