Girls’ Soccer Senior Night


This year, the Girls’ Soccer held its annual Senior Night on Oct. 12 2022. The focus of Senior Night is the celebration of the Seniors’ athletic careers. New Coach Lenny Lewandowski emphasizes, “The 2022/2023 Becton Seniors are my first Seniors as a head coach at Becton. I will always remember and miss the quiet leadership of each of the captains. One of my favorite rock stars is Nils Lofgren, a guitarist in the E St. Band.  He wrote a song called “Shine Silently” and I believe it speaks to qualities that are unique to people, like my seniors, that just excel without much fanfare!” 

As the final year of playing soccer approaches, the seniors recognize the memories made along the way. One Senior, Lilien Juhasz in particular shares her favorite memory of playing Girls’ Soccer. She recounts, “My favorite memory was from freshman year when I got my first high school jersey. That memory made me realize that I was growing up and entering a different part of my life.” Clearly, this was a poignant memory that stuck with her.

22′ 23′ Girl’s Soccer Team

This year, there are three Senior Captains– Aimee Bulger, Nicole Galecki, and Isabella Kowal. When asked about her thoughts on the Girls’ Soccer Senior Night, Captain Bulger, exclaimed, “I loved Senior Night. It was so sweet and cute. It even made me cry a little.” To add on, Captain Galecki verifies, “Senior Night was very emotional for me. Knowing it was my last year, is very heartbreaking. However, having a night dedicated to us, made it so special and brought me such happiness and gratitude. We were celebrated by everyone, and it was a night I will never forget.” While Captain Kowal, could not play due to injury, she showcases resilience saying, “Obstacles will come your way, it’s just what you choose to do with them that matters.” 

Captain Bulger remarks, “I loved this team so much and I’ll miss them so much! I’m grateful to have had such an amazing senior season, especially with the new coaching staff.” Captain Kowal agrees with this ideal stating, “I will miss the team, and the family that has been created over the last couple of months. These girls will always have a special place in my heart, and I will cherish this year.” 

Lastly, Captain Galecki wishes a special message to the rest of the team, “A little message to the rest of the girls, especially upperclassmen, is for you to make the most of everything. These four years go by so fast. When an opportunity strikes, take it. You do not want to look back and have regrets. I do not want anyone on the team to feel that way. This is your family. Make as many memories as you can. Being on the team is hard work, but worth it. Make sure to put all your effort into the team. Like we say on the team, the more you move, the more you groove!” Congratulations to all the Seniors on an amazing season!