A Great Reaction to New Chemistry Teacher Robinson


Becton Regional High School welcomes a new friendly face for the chemistry department, Robinson. Robinson is aspiring to offer a safe place for students and make sure they leave with the education they deserve. Students of hers have nothing but positive reactions towards her and her class. When asking sophomore Ava Romano about how she felt about Robinson’s teaching she gave us some insight, “Her teaching style is very efficient. She is always there to help students, non-stop putting herself out there for us.” 

This helpful nature of her seems to partly be attributed to her teaching for six years beforehand, in Cedar Grove and Nutley. Although she is new, the decision to leave Cedar Grove, her previous school, has left behind no regret. Robinson believes that the environment here is “much more positive. The people here are more like a team, like a group. We’re in it together.” Moreover, part of the reason she chose to work here was because she was offered the opportunity to teach full-time chemistry. That was the moment she knew that this was the environment for her. “I just love the idea of that! It just seems so miraculous, chemistry.” Robinson is enticed by chemistry in many ways, speaking about it with passion. “Everything in the whole world, with all its different properties, is made up of just a few building blocks.” Her eagerness to teach stems from the want to have the people around her leave with a different outlook on life– one where they perceive everyday items and think about how amazing the chemistry of it all is. Luckily for her, they are already feeling impacted by her nature. Sophomore Abigail Large, when asked if Robinson makes chemistry interesting, replied, “She does! Robinson relates chemistry to real-life scenarios. I think about everyday things like washing my hair and brushing my teeth a little differently now.” 

Robinson’s students engaged in Chemistry Class!

Robinson is currently not running any clubs, but absolutely considers it. “I could. I do like to go see things and be a part of them, but I don’t want to just show up and go home.” She was extremely involved back in Cedar Grove and does seem to have a strong interest in both spike ball and volleyball. She even used to coach volleyball for young kids!

The final question, “What should people know about you?” pulls the heartstrings for Robinson a bit. “What I would say is… I do this because I want to do it. I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. I can retire now,” she says with a passing laugh, “so the only reason I stayed with this is because I just love being able to have the opportunity to teach children. Volleyball, CCD, whatever it is. It’s a privilege to be in the position of a teacher.” Robinson gives a lot of emphasis on this mindset. “I’m not in it for any reason other than to love you guys… and teach you, but that comes second.” The smile on her face was genuine and playful. “I’m here because I want to be here.” Robinson is offering a long-time addition to our family. We are so excited for our students to get to know her personally – she is truly unforgettable.