Peer leaders participate in year-long Chick-fil-A Leader Academy


The Chick-fil-A located in Teterboro Landing is responsible for funding the leadership program at Becton.

The Chick-fil-A Leader Academy is a program that gives a number of peer leadership students at Becton the opportunity to become exposed to individual leadership lessons and activities throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

Currently at the high school are 30 peer leaders and 15 of them are participating in the academy. Nationwide, there are more than 24,000 students involved from 800 schools located throughout the United States.

The program at Becton is made possible by the donated funds from a local Chick-fil-A in Teterboro, New Jersey.

According to Ms. Klamerus, Becton’s peer leadership adviser and SAC counselor, the goal of this program is “to have students become better and future leaders.”

For example, an upcoming project for the group this fall is making food baskets for local homeless shelters. More activities will be held throughout the winter and spring to specifically help the surrounding community. All in all, there will be a total of three service projects and about seven leadership lessons.

“Important qualities to have when involved in a program such as this one is to think independently and have the courage to take the lead and also be someone caring, thoughtful and helpful,” noted Ms. Klamerus.

Her main goal this year for her peer leaders is to train them to be better leaders that know how to be independent and in turn, better prepare them for college.

The manager of the store in Teterboro, Mr. Ken Walsh, works closely with Ms. Klamerus so the program runs smoothly at Becton.

The Chick-fil-A Academy is a national high school leadership program focused on impact through action. The company offers almost 4.9 million dollars in scholarships ranging from 2,500 dollars to 25,000 dollars, and awards are given out based on leadership, academic achievement, community involvement and financial need.

Founded in 1964 in Atlanta, Chick-fil-A is family-owned company that has over 2,000 restaurants in 43 states and was named a ‘top company to work for’ according to Forbes magazine.

“I am thankful to Chick-fil-A for providing this opportunity for Becton and its students,” said Ms. Klamerus.