New business teacher to bring real-life experiences to the classroom


Simran Kaur, Staff Writer

Mr. Siracusa, a new business teacher at Becton Regional High School, sees himself as a lifelong learner and has always been passionate about teaching business to students. His goal in life is to inspire adolescents and to have the opportunity to connect with them. Mr. Siracusa is currently teaching classes such as entrepreneurship; marketing in the twenty-first century; sports, entertainment and fashion marketing and international business.

“Carlstadt and East Rutherford have many attributes that make up a great community. Becton has an amazing administration, faculty and staff along with a hardworking and motivated student body. Having the ability to be involved with the school’s activities makes me feel as though I am a part of this great community. In life, you have to surround yourself with people that you admire or want to be like, so why not be a part of the best community and school?” said the new business teacher.

Mr. Siracusa attended William Paterson University where he majored in business with a concentration in finance. He later attended St. Peter’s University to pursue teaching certifications. He also talked about how he has owned businesses in the past, some that were successful and some that were not. Furthermore, he had experience working in corporate finance and accounting.

Mr. Siracusa also stated that ‘the real life experiences that I bring to class are essential in the learning environment. In the business world it is expected that one can work efficiently independently and as a contributing member of a team. So I told my students on day one that we are on a team, and this classroom should foster independent and collaborative thinking.”