Annual junior-senior prom to be held in May


Il Tulipano will be the prom venue.

Klaudia Ryznar, Staff Writer

This year’s prom will be taking place at Il Tulipano in Cedar Grove on May 28. This “beautiful old Italian themed restaurant,” as Ms. O’Driscoll described it, will be recreated into this year’s theme of Las Vegas. Reds, golds, silvers, and blacks will be the main colors at the venue.

“We fundraised more this year than last year,” stated Mrs. O’Driscoll, “which helps us because prom bid prices are much higher than last year’s due to the choice of venue this year.”

Before fundraising, tickets were roughly around 90 dollars, but with collecting close to 12,000 dollars, the prom bids are decreasing in price.

Fundraisers that are left include Mixed Bag Designs, a gift card raffle, a prom bid raffle, which gives you a chance to win a free bid, and the biggest and most lucrative, The Battle of the Grades, which will take place on April 30. All these future fundraisers will help make the bids decrease in price even more.

The night will start at 6 p.m. and last until 11 p.m., and DJ Arturo will be providing the music. “It should be a great time; just dress to impress and have fun,” said Ms. O’Driscoll.

Before the actual event starts, as tradition follows, pre-prom pictures will be taken at Sesselman Park in East Rutherford on 117 Stanley Street at 5 p.m.