December Student of The Month: Segall Sanchez


This December, Becton is proud to announce Senior Segall Sanchez as Student of the Month. Sanchez is a well-rounded, hardworking student that is much deserving of the title this month. An active member in Becton’s extracurricular activities– Sanchez is a part of the Environmental club, Gay-Straight Alliance club, and Theater arts Program. She also is a member of both the Track and Cross-Country team. Sanchez pushes herself to be a top student through taking some of Becton’s most challenging classes. She notes that her AP English course is extremely engaging and appreciates how it has given her an opportunity to find new literature and read more, explaining that it is “…something I love but don’t make time to do.” Sanchez is also a student in Becton’s highest language course, Spanish 4 Honors. She goes on to explain that it is her most challenging course but, “it’s helping me reach my goal of becoming more proficient in Spanish.” 

Sanchez and friends enjoying their time at Cross-Country!

When asked how it felt to be December Student of the Month, Sanchez said she was honored and surprised. She excitedly mentioned the outpouring support from peers at school saying, “People still come up to congratulate me, which makes me feel noticed. I’ve been very happy this month.” Sanchez finds her motivation in something that many tend to shy away from. She explains that she finds motivation in things that take her out of her comfort zone. One example she talks about is her time as a track and cross-country athlete. She described her initial experience with running as grueling, but as she became familiar with the sport she found a deep appreciation for it, to which she fondly puts, “I don’t know who I’d be without it.”

In her future education, Sanchez hopes to study environmental sustainability. She wants to take on a career that focuses on environmental issues in business practices, in order to make them less harmful to the environment. She says, “It’s a field that’s growing so much in demand, that by the time I’m finished with college, I may end up taking a job that doesn’t exist yet. I want to help create solutions for problems that are time sensitive.” 

Sanchez and her mother embracing her NHS accomplishment!

Sanchez looks back on her time at Becton and puts it simply that she couldn’t imagine being happier at any other school. Her years at Becton have allowed her to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. While Sanchez may be a senior, her final year is not over yet and one of her main focuses currently, is to continue to make those special moments with her classmates and friends.  

English teacher Kathryn Scalera, teacher of Sanchez’s AP English course speaks very highly of her student. “She is extremely intelligent. She is also so talented in art. I have been able to watch her in the English classes of 10 Honors and English 12 AP literature and composition and she excels. I admire how she is always so polite, mature, inquisitive and always is an active participant in class.” Close friend Junie Hwang expresses her admiration for Sanchez and says, “You can’t find a friend as special as her.” Hwang describes Sanchez as one of a kind and shares that “Segall is someone who is always there for me when I need her. She comforts all of her friends the moment we look down that day. She makes me laugh every day and brings me energy the moment we start talking.” Hwang closes with an endearing statement, “I’m very lucky and thankful that I have her as my best friend.” 

Sanchez is an all-around great student, athlete, friend and classmate. She ends with insightful advice to other high school students saying, “My main piece of advice is to try new things until you find an activity, you’re passionate about. Also, make time for things and friends that make you happy.”