Becton Welcomes Mr. Buhro to the Science Department


Walter Buhro is a new physics at Becton this year, 2021-2022. He attended John Burroughs High School in Saint Louis, Missouri, and went to college at Washington University in Saint Louis. Buhro shares his experience about his teaching at Becton, he stated, “It’s been great! Very easy transition, the administration is very professional. The kids are great!” He further shared,  “I always liked interacting with people, passing on my knowledge, and helping them succeed. I find that a lot more fun than doing the pure science itself.” Buhro’s passions are to serve which resonates with the nature of the Becton faculty community making this the perfect fit for him!

Buhro shared why ‘Physics Matters’, “Everybody can benefit from learning physics. It helps us understand the world and the way technology works.” Although physics and engineering are a huge aspect of Buhro’s life, when he is not in school he enjoys spending time with his loved ones and partaking in Brazilian jiu-jitsu! 

Junior Alex Ochoa, a student in one Buhro’s physics classes, shares what it is like to be in Buhro’s classes. Ochoa stated that, “Mr. Buhro is very approachable. At first, it is a little hard to understand physics but after a while, I got the gist, and Mr. Burho made that possible. I am no pro at physics, but Mr. Buhro helped me understand and feel confident in the subject.” It is clear to see what an impact Buhro is already making on his students and the great teaching he brings to Becton! The students and staff members of Becton are grateful to see Buhro succeed!