National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2021


The 2021-2022 National Honor Society members!

The night of Nov. 18 marked a memorable occasion for new junior and senior members of the National Honor Society. There are a total of 33 members in the society with an astonishing 21 of them being inducted this year. The  National Honor Society ceremony is a way to showcase the well-rounded new members in front of their family, friends, and teachers. The National Honor Society is a prestigious club where the main focus is community service to aid our school and the local community. These individuals must show the four pillars of what makes up a typical member: character, leadership, service, and scholarship. Not only have they all acquired the characteristics, but they have exceeded the expectations of what a role model student should be. 

Mrs. Colangelo starting off the night with a fantastic speech!

Mrs. Colangelo, the adviser of the National Honor Society, shares her view of her remarkable members, “[They] are honest, genuine, kind, considerate, respectful, giving, patient, hard-working and driven…. All qualities you would want in a student, but most importantly in a human or friend.” She stresses the importance of becoming the best version of oneself and achieving the highest goals possible with all of the strength and courage these members possess.

The event started with the great anticipation of the inductees walking to the stage, illuminating the path with candles they held. President Ewan Lee provided the signal to “blow out” the candle to symbolize the beginning of the new members’ journey to being a finalized member. The center stage was a table with four blue candles, representing the pillars of the society as well as the gold, middle candle to resemble knowledge. Colangelo explains, “[The candles]… signify the standards to which our members hold themselves to. Our speeches help to explain and highlight what each pillar means to our members and organization.” The speeches and candle lighting were done by the officers of the society, President Ewan Lee, Vice President Giana DiLemme, Secretary Carley Maffia, Reporter Caitlin Nozka, and Treasurer Benzi Villaruel. 

NHS President, Ewan Lee, lighting the candle of character at the 2021 NHS Induction Ceremony.

Lee shares his experience being the president of this prestigious organization, “…I feel pride in being able to say I earned this title…I was trusted to lead the current chapter of the NHS and it is my goal to complete the year the best I can.” With the society in his hands, along with his partners on the officer committee, all of the members are set up for great success.

New junior inductees getting out their pre-ceremony jitters before the event!

Once the inductees humbly crossed the stage, signed their name in the National Honor Society book, and received their pin, all members walked through the aisles of applause. Soon after, everyone gathered for refreshments made by the Prostart, Culinary 2, and Culinary 3 classes in the media center. Chef Eduardo Perdomo Jr. reports the delicacies served, “Our food selections were inspired by our Culinary Thanksgiving Event that was created by the same [classes].” He explains that he strives to collaborate with not only the National Honor Society, many school events in the future. Our culinary program at Becton added the finishing touches to the ceremony which resulted in a joyous night for all involved. Congratulations to the new inductees and the remaining senior members of the 2021 National Honor Society!