Becton Marching Band performances look to showcase color guards


Provided by Mr. Corey Moore

The color guard uniforms will coordinate with the high school’s marching band uniforms.

Blaze Grabowski, Staff Writer

The Wildcat Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. Corey Moore, is working to add a Color Guard unit to their 2019-2020 field show performances.

An interest meeting took place last week where several students attended, and it was announced that new uniforms are being ordered for next season.

Junior Genesis Martinez, who is interested in participating in the new program, said, “I’m excited to be a part of Color Guard and help the marching band grow.”

“I’m joining Color Guard because I wanted to be a part of the marching band, but I don’t know how to play a musical instrument,” commented Freshman Madison Knueppel.

Mr. Moore explained that he and the Becton Administration started to get the ball rolling for Color Guard through a strong desire to take the high school’s marching band to the next level.

“Adding Color Guard to the marching band will not only provide a much needed visual effect to the overall impact of our performance but will also allow us to compete on an equal footing with neighboring schools at marching band festivals and competitions,” the music instructor elaborated.

Color Guard is one of the many ways that the band has been looking to improve in recent years. Last year alone, 33 new uniforms were purchased at the cost of $11,000.

Next year’s marching band field show will be called Let’s Go Downtown and will include musical pieces such as “Downtown,” by Macklemore “Let’s Go Crazy,” by Prince and “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With That” by Robert Randolph. The show will be conducted by Junior Christian Ochoa, Sophomore Blaze Grabowski, and Freshman Erol Yilmaz.