Krish Patel, Pablo Bravo & Joseph Chang

Krish Patel: “Being an honor guard feels rewarding and almost like a ‘burden has been lifted’ because it means my hard work has paid off. My parents are very excited, and my role models are my grandparents who were immigrants and worked very hard to build a family in America.”

Pablo Bravo: “I feel proud to achieve this honor. At first, it was a mix of feelings, but now I am less nervous and look forward to what will happen. I like learning about a variety of topics and focusing on knowledge for the sake of knowledge; however, when it comes to schoolwork, I try to remember concepts and create connections in order to achieve proficiency. My role models are my parents. They taught me how to create a work ethic that has allowed me to receive this honor. One day I hope to be able to repay their efforts by caring for them when they can no longer care for themselves. I am interested in attending colleges with a focus in technology because I believe that technology is the true differentiator of humanity, one that has allowed it to shape the world.”

Joseph Chang: “I am grateful and surprised to have achieved this honor. I wasn’t sure what an honor guard was until now, and I feel like it is quite the accomplishment.”

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