Becton staff, students share their favorite films of all time

Match the faculty member or student with his/her favorite movie to see what it reveals about him/her!


1. Mrs. Mackanin, Science Teacher a. Sweet Home Alabama because I got engaged after that movie
2. Mrs. Muniz, Science Teacher b. Annie because it made me realize not to take anything for granted in life. It turned my outlook on life and what I thought
3. Senior Isabella Marra c. Moonstruck because I love young Cher
4. Senior Hailey Featherstone d. My favorite movie is Moana because I enjoy watching it with my children.
5. Nurse Collins
e. My favorite movie is Forrest Gump because it touches on the struggles of being human, being raised by single parents, and having a disability. Forrest Gump always got through everything and was always true to himself.
6. Ms. Giancaspro, Athletic Director f. Salt because I love crime movies
7. Junior Hamza Ahmed
g. The Pursuit of Happyness because the movie depicts a struggling man working hard and overcoming obstacles. It shows a man who came from nothing and was at the bottom and achieved his dreams through education and intelligence
8. Senior Ally Acevedo h. I don’t really have a favorite, but whenever Gladiator is on I have to watch it.
9. Mrs. Oram, Teacher i. Titanic because it shows you’ll do anything for the person you love
10. Mrs. Scalera, English Teacher j. The Great Gatsby because I always loved the book, so I decided to watch the movie and fell in love with it
11. Freshman Umer Ahmed k. My favorite movie is Creed because I love boxing and the movie centers around the sport.
12. Mrs. Gatto, English Teacher l. The Notebook is very upsetting but romantic, so I enjoyed watching it a lot.
13. Mrs. Settembrino, English Teacher m. Avengers Infinity War because I really like action movies
14. Mrs. Trause, Admin. Assist. n. Empire Records-I loved that movie since I was in high school
15. Mrs. Tabaka, Admin. Assist. o. The Family Man with Nicholas Cage because it shows what is truly important in life


Answer Key: 1.e, 2.d, 3.j, 4.i, 5.o, 6.b, 7.k, 8.g, 9.l, 10.a, 11.m, 12.c, 13.n, 14.f, 15.h