Ms. Michele Klamerus, SAC Counselor


Ms. Klamerus’ photograph in the 1990 Becton Tea Leaf

Becton Regional High School’s Student Assistance Counselor, Ms. Klamerus, is celebrating her 30th year working at the high school this month.

“I remember my job interview at Becton,” she said. The dedicated employee was hired in 1989 by Superintendent Dr. Samuel Feldman, who was looking for two special education teachers. “I was very nervous, but he was very nice, which put me at ease.”

After working as a special education instructor, Ms. Klamerus began as a part-time SAC counselor in 2006 and became full time in 2009. This marks her tenth year working in the guidance department.

Ms. Klamerus credits Ms. Kathy Sawchuk, Becton’s former SAC counselor, for having motivated her to pursue a career in counseling. “I used to help her with some of her activities, and she suggested I go for my certification,” she explained.

“One of my most memorable events as a counselor is the annual senior/senior prom, which was developed by Ms. Sawchuk.” 

Ms. Klamerus attended Kean University for her undergraduate studies and Montclair State University for graduate school. “I had some really great professors who showed me the ropes in the SAC department because it’s very different than being a teacher,” she noted.

“As a counselor, I’ve learned that no matter what happens with students, they can be very resilient, but they always need that support to help them so that they can gain the ability to stand up for themselves,” she said.

She stresses to students who would like to pursue a career in mental health to always keep their own mental health at the forefront because they need to stay healthy themselves in order to help others. 

When it comes to the field of counseling, the educator looks up to a fellow Student Assistance Coordinator at Park Ridge High School, Mr. Andrew Yeager. “As far as life, both my mother and sister guide me in everything.”

In the future, Ms. Klamerus is looking forward to retirement so she could travel, enjoy her life, and spend time with her family.

“Overall, just knowing in the end that I have helped others makes it all worth it to me,” she said.