Becton Prom to take place May 31


The Tides Estate is located in North Haledon, NJ.

Safa Hassan, Staff Writer

Becton Regional High School’s 2017-2018 Junior/Senior Prom will be taking place at The Tides Estate in North Haledon on May 31. The theme of this year’s event will be An Enchanted Evening.

Ms. O’Driscoll, the prom committee adviser, continues to fundraise with the junior class to help bring down the starting ticket price from $101 to approximately $90 to $85.

As far as the layout of the event, the committee is planning to include dining tables around the dance floor, which will be surrounded by drapes. The deejay will be on the top floor by the balcony, and they also hope to include a wishing well in the corner of the room as well as lanterns throughout the area.

To date, Becton’s prom committee has raised approximately $2,000, which will be used to help pay off the cost of the deejay.

The group of students who are in charge of the annual event planned more fundraisers starting January 2018 such as the sale of chocolate bars. Each box will include 48 bars and about 20 students will be participating in the sale.

Furthermore, an additional Gertrude Hawk Chocolate fundraiser will take place in February along with a Jersey Mike’s Subs fundraiser. Fundraisers that will take place in March are the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament as well as the Becton Talent Show on March 22. Moreover, there will be additional fundraisers such as the Battle of the Grades and a three-on-three basketball game.

“I’m very excited for this year’s prom and am looking forward to a memorable night and an enchanted evening,” said Ms. O’Driscoll.