Seniors place first for Spirit Week, Thomas & Nazco win Mr. and Mrs. Wildcat


Jenny Marcinkowski and Jilian Kaszka

The winning class of Student Council Spirit Week is the seniors.

Anthony Thomas and Memphis Nazco were crowned Mr. and Mrs. Wildcat at the pep rally on December 22.

The grade with the most festive hallway will receive points that go toward the Battle of the Grades fundraiser in April.

From December 18 to December 22, Becton students were encouraged to participate in the annual holiday challenge. Each day, students were motivated to wear clothing according to that day’s theme, and in addition to themed dress up days, which included Pajama Day and Wildcat Wednesday, each grade was allowed to decorate their hallway with holiday decor. Moreover, Spirit Week was then wrapped up with the annual winter pep rally.

The hallway contest was suggested by the junior class, so Ms. O’Driscoll relayed the idea to the administration at a collaborative luncheon.

Spirit Week concluded with the annual winter pep rally where the winners of the challenge were announced.

In addition to the Spirit Week champions, the finalists for Mr. and Mrs. Wildcat were also announced. The nominees for Mrs. Wildcat were Memphis Naszko, Jana Christiano and Jessica Coleman, and the nominees for Mr. Wildcat were Gregory Anderson, Anthony Thomas and Mark Dunn.

“I love spirit week! It’s so fun, and it gets everyone excited for the big pep rally at the end of the week,” stated Senior Lauren Kaszka.