School online payment software implemented in Becton cafeteria


Sophomore Maya Grabowski scans her ID card to pay for her lunch items.

Alexis Howard, Staff Writer

A new and improved payment system called the Point of Sale Software has been implemented in the Becton cafeteria. This new lunch software system was designed to eliminate the use of cash, which in turn, makes the lunch line move more rapidly and the purchase of food more organized.

The Point of Sale Software System requires students at the high school to be issued a student ID card, which they are prompted to scan when purchasing their food items. Additionally, Point of Sale helps the cashiers, parents and students see confidential information such as a student’s balance and any free or reduced meal classification at a glance when logging on to the Genesis Software System or

With the lunch card, meal transactions are processed in approximately five seconds; however, if students forget their ID card, they need to state their last name, and the cashier can bring up their account. This method is strongly discouraged because it does slow down the line.

New food service director, Heather Constantino, said, “This new system is a huge improvement, and things go faster if everyone has their ID card.”

Heather Constantino is the Director of Food Services at Becton.

“It’s about being responsible,” Sophomore Stephen Gomez said in regards to carrying around an ID.

A majority of students polled value the new lunch software system. Reasons given are that they find that it expedites the lunch line, they can actually get their food on time, and in turn, it prevents people from wanting to cut in line.