Senior Class President Zak Kandiel reflects on high school career


Zak will be attending Felician University to study education.

Cecilia Munoz, Staff Writer

Becton’s senior class president, Zak Kandiel, is currently taking a look back on his high school years as he prepares for his graduation speech on June 19.

“[In my speech] I will incorporate a reflection of the Class of 2017 and how we’ve changed from freshmen to seniors,” said Zak.

The senior believes he has fulfilled all of his goals as class president and noted that his senior year was a very calm year with not many duties compared to his junior year. He stated that being junior class president required a lot of effort for his class with trying to bring down the high price of prom, but that in the end, all the hard work paid off.

The senior class president mentioned that his favorite classes throughout his high school career included pre-calculus with Mrs. Ferris and AP Statistics with Mr. Sawyer.

Zak will particularly miss class with Mr. Sawyer. “It was a class where we could joke around and have fun but get serious and learn a lot when we had to,” stated the senior.

Moving on, Zak’s favorite teacher at Becton is Science Teacher Mrs. Muniz. She was his biology teacher during his freshman year and marine biology teacher during his senior year, which he only took to be in her class again.

“When I first came to high school, I was very nervous, and Mrs. Muniz helped keep me calm and made my freshman year biology class fun,” he added.

Once he graduates, Zak plans on going to Felician University to study education. Both his mother and two of his aunts went to college there, which sparked his interest in going there himself.

“I would like to become a teacher in the near future and step up and become a principal one day,” he said.

Although he does not plan on having a career in government, Zak would like to one day become involved in politics.