Ms. Sanchez' Spanish class visits a NYC museum to learn more about Caribbean, Puerto Rican and Latin American cultures.

Spanish III Honors class becomes immersed in Latino culture

March 31, 2017

World Language Teacher Ms. Sanchez took her Spanish Level III Honors class to visit El Museo del Barrio in New York City on March 29.

“I wanted to give the students an opportunity to appreciate and experience a look at many Caribbean artists as well as their artwork,” said Ms. Sanchez.

At the museum, the class was split into two groups, each one with its own guide. The guide provided thorough information about many of the art pieces as well as facts about the artists themselves.

The Spanish Level III Honors class was able to experience a new atmosphere outside of the classroom and get a look at the most famous Caribbean artwork that this NYC museum showcases. It gave the students a real-life experience regarding topics that they have learned about in class.

“The trip was very interesting and informative. It was a great way to learn about the Caribbean culture while having fun at the same time,” said Junior Charlie Flenner.

Towards the end of the tour around the museum, the students were given the chance to create some of their own art. The Spanish III Honors class was able to end the trip with a taste of authentic Cuban food, which they really enjoyed.

“Not only were we able to admire the amazing artwork of these Latin artists, but were given the opportunity to try some food that we would always learn about in class,” said Junior Jennifer Gutierrez.

Ms. Sanchez mentioned that her goal of the field trip was to spark curiosity and interest in the studying of other cultures and traditions among her students, and although this was her first time taking her students to El Museo del Barrio, she mentioned that she would like to continue this trip in the future due to its success.

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