Gaming Club added to Becton’s extracurricular activities


Eunice Wang

Students gather around to play games and unwind during their lunch time.

Sabryna Almeida and Anthony Cioce

The Becton Administration and Board of Education has recently added a Gaming Club to the list of high school extracurricular activities as a way for students to engage in gaming skills during their lunch time.

Students will be given the opportunity to meet on B and D days in Room 220 to play games on a console that a club member supplies. Mathematics Instructor Mr. Mendelsohn, the moderator of the club, stated, “Students can share their experiences and expertise with others. A competitive environment and good sportsmanship is welcome at all times.”

Photographer: Eunice Wang
Games that students play include Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Mario Kart.

This club gives students the opportunity to share their knowledge about different games, and it also allows for healthy competition amongst classmates.

The gaming club is designed to improve students’ memory and sharpen their strategy techniques. It will also unite people together around one common interest.

“People can gain social skills by benefiting from technology, which is why I decided to establish the gaming club,” said Senior Jennifer Mikulko.

The students will be able to play any games they desire with one exception. The games cannot depict real life scenarios where people are violently injured. Games that involve battling are allowed as long as the characters are fictional cartoons.

“I could play PacMan like it’s my job. I must confess that EA makes a great NASCAR game, and the 2015 release is my current favorite,” said Mr. Mendelsohn.

If a Becton student is interested in joining the club, he or she can contact Jennifer Mikulko or Mr. Mendelsohn.