Mr. Cantatore becomes bowling coach for 2016-2017 season


Photo Credit: Simran Kaur

Coach Cantatore and Senior Andrew Park are ready to begin the season.

Simran Kaur and Vicky Cruz

Science Teacher Mr. Cantatore has become the new coach of the Becton Bowling Team, and his main goal is to keep the group’s winning streak going.

The bowling team consists of a varsity and junior varsity team. Varsity team members include sophomores Trevor Deliantis and Joseph Knoll and seniors Robert Emord and Andrew Park. Junior varsity players include Freshman Connor Sabia, Junior Rafael Kuc and seniors Zakaria Kandiel and Kyle Post.

“I am looking forward to a good season being that we have a very solid team,” said Mr. Cantatore. The new coach was a member of Becton’s bowling team when he attended high school.

Mr. Cantatore’s goal for the team is to win a majority of the games, if not all of them, in order to qualify for two very important tournaments.

The State Sectional will be held on February 11 and Robert Emord, Andrew Park, Zakaria Kandiel, Joseph Knoll and Trevor Deliantis will participate, and if the bowling team does well or if any individuals qualify, the group will make its way to the State Final on February 17.

“Our team’s biggest competitors this season would have to be Lyndhurst and North Arlington,” said Mr. Cantatore.

“My goal for the team is to do well at the State Sectional. Then if we do well enough, I’d love to play in the State Final. That would be awesome,” said Senior Andrew Park.