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Mrs. Gatto makes learning fun with ‘Gatsby Day’

October 6, 2016

Becton Regional High School English Teacher Mrs. Gatto has organized the school’s first ever ‘Gatsby Day’ for all students in her senior classes on October 6. The purpose of this day is to allow students to gain knowledge of the book by using fun tactics as well as give them an opportunity to gain extra credit.

Mrs. Gatto and her students decorated the classroom and continuously played 1920’s music while eating hors d’oeuvres and sipping sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses. Her intention was to create an environment similar to that of the 1920’s so that the participants can be immersed in the book.

The English teacher was first inspired by this idea of having a themed day when her childrens’ babysitter mentioned that they dressed up in high school while reading The Great Gatsby and that it got the students more motivated to read the novel. In turn, Mrs. Gatto brought this event to Becton not only to make learning more fun and interesting, but to create a day where her students could come together and take part in something as a group.

Moreover, the English instructor also provided her English 12 College Preparatory classes with the opportunity to gain extra credit by asking other teachers and senior students to participate. The three ways one could participate in the event are by dressing in 1920’s fashion, dressing up as a physical representation of the book or volunteering to help set up the classroom with decorations.

When asked who her favorite character from The Great Gatsby is, Mrs. Gatto responded by saying how much she absolutely adores Nick as well as Gatsby. She then added, “But I guess that means I love Fitzgerald because he is both characters.”

“I truly believe it’s a wonderful idea,” said English Department Chairperson Mrs. Cannarozzi while Math Teacher Mrs. Ferris noted that her senior students raved about this activity all throughout her class.

Mrs. Gatto hopes to make ‘Gatsby Day’ an annual tradition.

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