Mrs. Rydzfski to act as art maternity leave replacement

Art Teacher Mrs. Rydzfski has had a decade of experience with teaching art.

Art Teacher Mrs. Rydzfski has had a decade of experience with teaching art.

Patrick Cao, Editor

Art Teacher Mrs. Colangelo’s maternity leave replacement, Mrs. Rydzfski, is currently teaching digital photography classes, which are offered during the first three periods of the day.

With ten years experience in the classroom, Mrs. Rydzfski has a strong grasp on how to teach art. Before she began teaching at Becton, she used to be an art instructor in Thomasville, North Carolina. In Thomasville, she spent two years at Pilot Elementary School teaching younger children about drawing and exemplifying creativity with art. Furthermore, as an art teacher at E. Lawson Brown Middle School, she spent six years teaching more advanced skills involving art and creativity due to the older age and grade level.

“After ten years of working and teaching various classes with different circumstances, I am sure I can handle what Becton has to offer,” said the maternity leave replacement.

Since the digital photography course does not require a lot of written work, Mrs. Rydzfski and her class mainly focus on how to operate a camera in order to enjoy and savor the art of capturing beautiful images around Becton.

“Most of the work in this class mainly consists of hands-on work like taking pictures with the school cameras and analyzing our work as a class,” she said.

After taking photographs, Mrs. Rydzfski and her class discuss each of them and what makes each photo unique. With so many different students from various grades, she is quite excited to see what potential they possess. She noted that she has much hope in what her students can possibly do with the power of a camera.

“Even though I am only staying for short period of time, I am still anticipating a good show of different styles of taking pictures,” she said.