Many stay awake to observe Blood Moon

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Patrick Cao, Editor

The Blood Moon, also known as the lunar eclipse, is a phenomenon that many have recently witnessed. The reason behind the name, “Blood Moon,” is the great event of light from the moon scattering when in earth’s shadow. This event in space gave our planet a beautiful view of the moon’s orange-red rusty color, thus giving it its name.

Unfortunately for the east coast, pictures were primarily the source of this extraordinary sight in the night sky. New Jersey residents had minor trouble seeing the moon due to the overcast blocking their view. In fact, if the moon was seen on the east coast, it was most likely just a partial tip of it.

Unlike this side of the region, the west coast had a beautiful view of this rare lunar event, especially Washington, and even out farther in the west, England had the best view out of all the countries.

Science Teacher Ms. Braunstein caught a glimpse of the moon and suggested that it was covered by clouds. Due to the lack of rain in the area, the overcast blocked a great portion of people’s view.

So for those who missed the scientific phenomenon many have been asking when will the next Blood Moon arrive? Try back on October 8, 2033.